We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring your stay with us is everything you could wish for. Your wellbeing has always been our corporation highest priority and this time is no different. While COVID-19 runs its course, we have trained our staff on latest safety measures consistent with current updates from WHO, NCDC and industry best practices to contain the scourge.

We have trained our staff following the strictest of cleaning protocol, using Hospital grade disinfectants.

Deployed hand sanitizer dispensers across our office buildings for both staff and visitors at the various points of entry, receptions, corridors etc.

Display posters promoting good respiratory and good hygiene in the workplace.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces.

Our rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after checkout, left for a minimum of 24hours, and decontaminated prior to another guest’s arrival.

We have also increased the frequency of cleaning and decontamination of all our public areas.

Temperature checks and the use of automated hand sanitizers is mandatory for everyone accessing the hotel.

We have installed Disinfectant machines at our entry points.

In the event of detection, procedures are in place to promptly curtail the spread, in line with guidelines of WHO and NCDC. We are also in contact with Local Health Authorities for necessary support.